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Customer Reviews

Amazing Deshedding Tool

This has been a life saver! I have dogs and I have hair everywhere in my house! It is like no matter what I do I end up covered! Since I have received this I I have seen SUCH a difference! WOW! It works so great!! First of I Love the handle! It has a great grip on it! Also with other products I have used my dogs hated them. With this one my dogs lays down and loves me using it on them. It makes for very easy clean up of the hair and works amazing. I have no found tons of hair on everything since using it and the best thing is that it is Doggie approved!

Awesome 3 for 1 product

The fact that this is 3 sizes in one is amazing. I need all 3! The small for my tiny shihtzu, the medium for my extra fluffy, large and in charge cat, and the large for my German Shep. Love that I didn't have to buy a tool for each. It got the job done pretty quick and I can tell my furbabies feel much better after getting all that extra hair off. (Also very handy for cleaning up the stray hair on the carpet after shaving and trimming my dogs fur)

Best retractable leash ever

I am a huge animal lover i have always had dogs and i love them so much. Well when we got babygurl as a puppy we went through so many retractable leashes. One because she would either snap them or chew them go figure. As she got older we stopped buying retractable leashes because we felt like we were throwing money away. She is a very hyper outgoing dog.

When i was asked to review this retractable leash after looking into it i was all over it and thought why not this one looks different than the ones you buy in stores. When getting it i took it out of the plastic wrap and started getting use to it myself. She saw me take it out and was staring at me like oh boy it's walk time. We have been using a regular leash that i have to wrap around my hand a couple of times to keep it secure because she likes to run and tug. I really like the retractable leash because now she can run without me being right next to her so much nicer to let her have some freedom while walking then me running with her in this hot Florida heat.

The handle is super nice it fits in my small hands just fine and is comfortable for me to hold. No hard plastic digging into my hand while she takes off. It has a nice soft handle. What really sold me on this leash was the lead it is nylon instead of the super small thin ones they sell in stores. It comes out of the leash fine and goes back smooth. It stretches up to 13 feet and can hold up to 45 lbs. I really do love this and so does babygurl.

This is a great leash. Feels great in the hand and the ...

This is a great leash. Feels great in the hand and the nylon belt slides so easily.. What I like most is the control mechanism. We are taking an adventure to Alaska and want to be sure we can stop our dog Oliver on a dime if wildlife approaches. The stop mechanism is instant. Thanks for this great product. Works like a charm.